As per DMV TIPS while Selecting a Driving School TEENS, Parents, and Adults, should compare Tuition cost, make sure your vehicle is mechanically safe and fully insured to safety of students, instructors, and other people on the road. Instructors must be professionally qualified, and a school should have a curriculum. Most important under penalty of perjury a Driving School must comply with Labor Code Section 3700 for the safety of students and instructor, and this leads off the instructor to feel as an employee of the school with no stress to provide Driving Training to the Students.

Our Guaranties are as under:

  • Do not pay full advance driving behind the wheel in car, driver training. pay as you take each lesson. We do not want to hold your money for 6 months. no other school provide this facility in your local area.
  • We will beat any coupon, vouchers, discounts, gift certicate any % off, if you add up and compare still be the lowest price as compare to high price school, our educationa lesson plan curruculum, our instructor, our vehicles are all high standard with the lowest price in your area. With your local driving school.

Note: The student can start with a 1 hour lesson because we understand that some students are nervous or busy in school homework and some schools only allow a minimum of 2 hour each lesson.

  1. Our school Instructor has a record of passing a student for the first time more than 99% Driving behind the Wheel DMV Test. If one of our student for any reason, does not pass their driving test for the first time, we will not abandon you, Life Safety Driving School as a courtesy and respect, we will give them a FREE DMV TEST PREPARATION driving lesson for the portion the student did not pass in. And if one of our previous students and his parents involved in an accident, we will provide FREE ACCIDENT and Tickets by Police Dept. prevention lesson.

  2. Note: Appointments are always available, you call today we guarantee within one week or the next day between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm or free one hour lesson in 6 hours sign up. Behind the wheel in new car driver training. No other driving school provides this to the students. we care and passionate. You do not pay in full advance for 6 hours or more you pay only for the lesson your are taking and we won’t hold your money for 6 months you keep it if you want to pay in full the lowest price shows in the price list, in advance, we will provide you totally free driver ed. Online interactive technology,self paced, worth of $ 40 . You can not find this offer anywhere in your local area.

  3. Our Prices for the Tuition Cost for Driving behind Wheel Driver Training in car and Driver Ed.Online of interactive technology are the lowest in your local area and we are local. Our School has higher standard of comprehensive Driving Training Education, Driving behind the wheel.

  4. We have a qualified professional Instructor that has driving experience about 15 years and has so many years of providing training Driving behind Wheel in car to thousands of students of Ventura and LA Counties. We encourage Teens and their parents and Adult students to ask question on the very first lesson, throughout the course and even ask repeatedly same question until the students are satisfied, in a palatable manner.

  5. No Driving on the Freeway on the First Lesson without the knowledge of controlling the vehicle, turns, Rules of the road safety, and changing lanes, blind spot.

  6. Our holistic Driving Education with lessons plans will teach Fundamental Rules of Road, Traffic Safety, DMV Preparation of Test and Pre-Test of DMV, on the very first day of training. Throughout the course, our lead instructor will be asserting you automatic disqualifications in the DMV Test. Also our lead instructor will teach you Defensive Driving and how to avoid Aggressive Driving. In addition to, our instructor will teach you how to avoid Accidents and never get Ticket by the Police Dept.

  7. We prepare and excel our training behind the wheel in a car to NERVOUS STUDENTS to gain strengths for Driving Training. Our lead Instructor Bob is highly qualified, college graduate, professional, superb, and has many years of experience of teaching and training Behind the Wheel in a car.